Mais oui! and pooh!

Some things we’ve bought for the camper have been brilliant, like the electric fly swatter and the 45m of washing line. Some things have been useless like the multi adapter USB 12v things that don’t even charge iPods. But probably the best buy was the portable toilet that we fitted into one of the back seats. Sink a bottle of vin rouge before bed and when you wake up at 1am bladder busting in the middle of a cold campsite, you’ll know what I mean.
But these things have a limited capacity and I’d already emptied it’s glory once on holiday. It comes in two parts, the nice bit that you see and sit on and flush nice pink liquid into, and the dirty bit full of blue industrial strength tissue eating acid stuff.
This morning after a couple of bottles, Kate opened it up to find the nice top bit full of nasty blue stuff (and god knows what else) so I couldn’t separate the two bits without getting covered in blue.
I didn’t know what to do so I dragged the whole thing (it was very heavy) to the toilet block armed with kitchen roll, a cup and some wet wipes.
I needed to separate the two halves but the whole thing had overflowed. How had it happened? I opened and shut the flush but nothing changed. Then out of rage and frustration before residing to the fact that I was going to get covered as I tipped the whole thing out of the top, I shook it.
With a deliciously deep, satisfying and fragrant glug, the air trapped in the half decomposed sewage escaped up through my nostrils and the overflow became underflowed.
After I recovered, I safely emptied the bog and filled it up with nice new chemicals. But the question remained, how did it become overflowed in the middle of the night? Theories of expanding and shrinking air due to extreme changes in temperature filled my head. Which was a lot nicer than the smell that filled my head a few minutes ago……,

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  1. ap (Gwyn's Dad)
    30/08/2009 at 6:09 pm Permalink

    It harps back to the event – which you were reminded of recently – at the Spanish campsite GWYNFOR!! when you were about 4.


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