Thanks emillion!

Bordeaux at night was fantastic. Kids just ran amok until they ran out of energy. Every time we’ve been out for dinner, jac has asked for a pepperoni pizza which they’ve never had. Tonight we saw the place. It was actually called ‘the pepperoni pizza place’. Perfect, except that Kate saw a pizza place further down with a nicer interior. Ah well! Jac had to settle for jambon again and we enjoyed our surroundings.
The famous water feature wasn’t on so we paddled and we saw the big statue with the grotesque pseidon thing at the bottom.
Next day we ventured to saint emillion, the most beautiful village in the world that makes loads of wine. The rear passenger tyre has a slow puncture so I pumped it up reminding myself to monitor it and also pumped the spare to the same rear pressure just in case.
We went on the train ride then realised we’d forgot to buy any wine as we celebrated another great day out in the camper.
We jumped in the pool and got ready to go to the Loire in the morning. Big drive, about 5 hours including stops.

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