Lake nice, food nice, relaxed camping. Really hot when we arrived. Overcast but warm the next day. The lake wasn’t really kiddy friendly to jump into but we had a nice relaxed stroll round it. Rain was forecast for the next day.
Now it was time to plan the ascent up through France. Camping was fine but after spending a week going through all the ups and downs of everything, we both fancied a night in a hotel just to give us a breather. It was either up to la rochelle or across to Bordeaux.
After spending over 4 hours driving a few days ago and that our booking agency (bron) couldn’t find a nice hotel with a swimming pool for two nights, we decided to get to Bordeaux.
We decided that rain would come any moment so we successfully packed up the camper completely the night before. Thank the lord because as we were just popping the top, the rain came. Time to go……
Then one of the windscreen wipers stopped working. 50 / 50 chance it would be the drivers side. Yep!
There was no way we could go so just before I phoned the AA I gave phil a ring.
His first suggestion was that we waited till it stopped raining. Luckily, we didn’t have to implement his last suggestion of tying two pieces of string for me and Kate to manually drag it from time to time. It was just a loose nut. We set off again. Then the passenger wiper nearlly fell off. We knew what to do.
After the false start, we were making good time as planned. Then we got pulled by the pigs. Again. Oh yeah, that now made it three times in one week (admittedly one of those, abby was driving in steve’s mum’s car). Looks like we’d stick it to the man again and make a dash for it…….
But we pulled in instead. Customs. Busted. They were sure to find the stash behind the….oh yeah, I’m 38, married, two kids. So all these men called Dwain x-rayed our camper – yes, x-rayed – along with loads of other foreign trucker brothers. They didn’t find the stash and after an hour let us go. Dwain was just jealous.
We got to Bordeaux, had an expensive lunch, got a list of hotels from the not helpful tourist information, phoned one with a pool, and collapsed in a family sized heap in a comfortable bed

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2 Comments on "Bored….oh!"

  1. ap (Gwyn's Dad)
    26/08/2009 at 9:06 pm Permalink

    Gwyn would never do anything illegal.
    It is turning out to be an adventure after all!
    What excitement!

    I bet you like the hotel bed though!!

    ap yer Dad.

    Who has done all these things and always been legal – just about.
    (except for that 30 gallons of diesel that was just hanging about in a barrel – well, wouldn’t you?!!)

  2. Bob
    26/08/2009 at 11:22 pm Permalink

    This diesel… was it pink Ap? I think I’ve sampled something similar !

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