The end of days…..

Disaster struck on the last day of preparation.

The job of putting the rubber trim around the pop top left us discovering a rotten roof and popped hinges.

We had to drill out the hinge rivets to get the trim installed, which we did, then re-rivet the hinges.

As we were doing the last one, I spotted one of the hinges had popped out… then another….. then another

Phil quickly drilled out the new rivets, and this left us with a lop sided, unhinged roof. My camper had an 80s side parting.

Side parting pop top

Side parting pop top

Squeaky bum time. Less than 24 hours before we set off, and we have no roof.

I figured if I was anywhere, I was at the right place to fix it, and tried to figure out what went wrong. I showed Phil that the pop top must naturally want to sit away from the hinges, but why? He realised the the gas pistons, although weak, were strongest at their most compact. The pistons were pushing the pop top away from the hinges.

Out came the pistons, on went the pop top, then the pistons went back on again. You beauty!

Phil, my hero!

Phil, my hero!

Rob came round again with his impressive 2 bi 1 (it’s not BY it’s BI) wood to give some much needed strength to our drooping erection, and figure out some electrical quandaries (popped fuses, wiring wrong way round), while I added the curtain rails and got rid of the unsightly rubber glue inside.

Then home again for Kate to fit the curtains, and me to fix the foams upstairs and gaffa the PVC windows.

What a journey! Thanks to everyone who has helped us off on our way, and keep the blog comments coming as every one is appreciated!

What a journey, and we hadn’t even set off yet.

But we will tomorrow………

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3 Comments on "The end of days….."

  1. Andrew
    18/08/2009 at 12:21 pm Permalink

    Da iawn, Gwyn. Da iawn iawn. :-)
    What a great blog and a brilliant start to your adventures.
    I hope the trip to France goes well and look forward to the updates.

    Pob lwc!


  2. bron
    18/08/2009 at 4:45 pm Permalink

    Hey Gwiggles, Katie and my godsons – I am with you!
    Look after each other!
    Love on your travels,

  3. Bob
    18/08/2009 at 6:59 pm Permalink

    Just checked the iPhone finder… the love bus has reached Portsmouth… Happy days.

    I imagine Gwyn is currently on his back under the dash trying to salvage what’s left of wiring… Good luck !

    Gwyn: they are very simple machines – any mechanic you find will be able to help – Do not panic.

    Kate: Don’t hate him, he’s just a man. (well half anyway)

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