So where are we going?

Oh, yeah….

we do have a plan of where we are going. Sort of.

We’re setting off Tuesday 18th August down to Portsmouth. Already got bets on that we don’t get past Brum. Hang your heads!

We catch the ferry down to Bilbao, north Spain, which takes like, 36 hours!

Then we head over to Montrejeau, South of France, foothills of the Alps (I think!) to meet our good friends Steve and Abby, Molly and Penny at their old man’s place.

Then, nipping over to the South West coast to stay round the lakes in Rudi country, near Bordeaux, and maybe visit his mam…

Then on the way back, going through the Loire valley up to dunkirk / calais (not sure coz we haven’t booked the ferry back yet….)

Then home again, home again, jiggety jig…..

Well, that’s the plan anyway. Sounds good doesn’t it…!?route plan

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