Inside design

So what would our camper look like inside then?

Well, we veered from a fully fitted interior to a minimal camping set up and back again. You can get companies to fully fit out your camper with everything and anything.

We liked this idea that one company had of modular units that you just fitted together, so I phoned them up, they would fully fit it out for less than £2k. But there was a 12 week waiting time, because they made the units to order. So, right, what’s the point in having a modular system if you don’t have them to buy off the peg??

This forced us (thankfully) down the route of going for a minimal design. It sounds nice to have a fully fitted cooker, sink and fridge etc, but this forces you to do everything inside the camper. What if you wanted to cook outside? Why have a sink fully fitted with water pump and waste etc when you can just have a plastic bowl?

We laid out some plans to think about:

camper layoutNow, there’s not that much room in a camper! So we decided for this trip at least to go for the minimal design, and forget about built in cupboards etc.

Ap said he’d build us the bench and toilet seats, I ordered a flat pack rock n roll bed (ie the back seat that converts to a bed) and we’d just get camping equipment (cooker, bowl, jerry can, coolbox)

Well, the coolbox had to be powered 12V and 240V when parked up didn’t it?

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