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The best of days (5,6,7)

The party at steves was great and ended with a big sing song. Molly was the star of the night with her numbers backed by steve. I told her to dump the loser with the guitar. Not normally one to participate in amateur nights, I was roped into doing the only song I can do [...]

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Day 4

Steve and abby invited us over for a BBQ last night which was well needed and appreciated. We settled down for our first night in the camper. Well, me and Kate were still having words so we slept in separate beds (!? Good job we had a super viking!)
This morning got even worse as it [...]

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Is there a doctor in the fish?

Travelling to the ferry, the graze I felt I had on my knee was actually a boil. Kate took the chance to inflict pain on me by squeezing it with glee. But the resulting explosion didn’t happen, so we thought a mozzy bite (of which I had loads of from working outside in the camper) [...]

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Day 3 – getting there!

My knee had recovered enough to be ok to operate the clutch, so the plan was to drive straight out of Spain to biarritz for lunch then on to montrejau where steve and abby have booked our campsite.
Camper running well. Still conserving tomtom energy. Got to Biarritz fine. Actually think I’ve worked out the gears [...]

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Day 2

Well, not much to report here. On the ferry. Doctors drugs for my bee sting knocked me out for half the day. We went to the main food hall last night and Kate called it ‘camper class’ so today I bought her some nice perfume and took the family to the posh restaurant for ribeye.
Seem [...]

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