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Outside designs

We weren’t bothered about trying to keep everything ‘original’ as there’s no such thing, so we set out some designs.
I sent Rob the Escape to Victory football shirt

and he sent me this back:

Not cream, just old english off white….
Very cool. Until we realised it was Ben 10’s rust bucket….
I showed Jac, and he said he [...]

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Resto part one

Phil attacked the beast with his shiny power tools, and found….
(But not too many)
Amazingly enough, we only needed one panel RH rear wheel arch. Well, for now anyway.
29th JULY (18 days to go…….)

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A race against time

All this work, and no one to do it for us.
Kate had a friend who knew a guy, Dan. So we started there. I went down to see him but he had at least three other campers on the go and no spare time. Dan was great and offered us lots of advice and to [...]

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Doing it up list

ok, now we had our camper, there were a few things to do…..

It was camouflage. Now, I didn’t mind, but Kate blank refused to go anywhere in it. And I could never find it in the car park….
It had no interior. All the original stuff was rotten chip board
It stank of the 70s. Anyone with [...]

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Bagging a camper

ok, so I stalked loads of campers on ebay…..
A lot weren’t going as the reserve price was too high (just because you’ve sunk £1,000s into your darling camper doesn’t mean it’s worth that amount), some were going at stupid prices (£2,500 for a wreck, come on!) and I was determined not to pay over the [...]

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An idea

So, the idea is instead of spending thousands of pounds on a one off holiday in some tropical perfection, we’d buy a clapped out 30 year old VW camper van and go to France in it, and be able to nip off for weekends at any time with the family.

So, where do you start? Well we obviously needed a camper…

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